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    BB Thunder - Self Portrait

    Here's what our clients are saying...

    Ted! Dooood!

    When I saw all that you'd written, I was in fear!

    Firstly, all the grammar points you highlighted were brilliant, helping to clarify and sharpen and avoid confusion, amazing. I've been so close, that I wasn't noticing... I have to say, although you didn't overhaul the script or anything, you've once again energised me with the power the English language can have once the correct words are chosen. I love it. So thanks so much for that, it's really helpful. I think I've used about 90% of it.
    -- Danann Breathnach, Director and Writer, UK
    Hi Ted:

    I've reviewed the essays you've critiqued and do indeed find them occasionally lacking timeliness, thematic coherence, and point of view. It has something to do with the fact that in kindergarden I flunked clay and things went down hill from there. I'm starting now to rewrite, rename, and reorganize things while trying to keep all that - what was it? - passion.  Maybe I could tease out some truly significant ideas. What I need to do is to make it all clear and obvious.
    It would have been embarrassing in retrospect to allow anyone to see this  stuff as it stands.
    It would never have come to me on my own because there are only so many times I can read anything and still see it objectively, as clearly I didn't here.
    Hopefully you'll realize how truly all this work by you on my behalf is appreciated.
    -- BB Thunder, Artist and Essayist